Why choose Barbossa Book Printing Sydney?


Prepress and file archive

In addition to our book design prepress which prepares your file for the printing process, we’ll also archive your working file and press-ready file for later book reprinting.

We plan on designing your book so well that it sells-out and you need to print more, and with that in mind, we’ll never delete your book design. You might ask why we would keep your working files, and the short answer is, because you might want to change the second print run.

Concept and font proof

The last thing we want to do is design a complete book only to hear that it's not what you imagined. It's for that reason that we'll send you electronic proofs of cover art and font concept before we start typesetting the entire book. This concept art might be as simple as the books outside cover spread and the first 10 pages, but your approval at this step point is also critical to our processes.

"Trust in me"
said the snake
-Power of the written word-

Print on demad with our print panel

There’s no need to panic over finding the right printer. We can do that for you. There are many types of commercial and trade printers out there, and they don’t all do the same thing in the same quantity; so sourcing your own commercial printer in Sydney might leave you with a printer who will charge you double the price.

We deal with book printing companies everyday, and understand which printers can do what jobs. Leave it with us and we will source for you the appropriate quotes and let you make a decision on who you would like to use.


We also have the ability to produce flip-it style e-books, but as much as this is a great feature, we encourage using this as a way of showing prospective clients a sample of the pages with in your book, not selling the e book itself.

If you plan to sell your book on your own website and think a flip-it book might add value, then please do let us know. Flip-it e-books are mostly used to show graphics and illustrations inside reference book but cab be used to publish entire books online.


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