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If you are looking to have your book designed, then why not let us manage your book printing also. We are Print Brokers. So what is a Print Broker? A Print Broker, just like a Mortgage Broker, deals in the supplier space everyday and so merits a better rate than the customer would directly by dealing with the printer. A print broker also know what printers are efective in what parts of the book printing process, and so you end up with the best possible product at the best possible price.

why pay more for your book printing

The Australian Book Printing Industry is a complicated one, and print technology changes so rapidly that the most cost effective printer now might not be the most cost effective printer later. This is simple because printing presses become more effeicient with time, but printing companies do not update their printing presses but once every ten years. This means that even if you've been loyal to the same printer for the past ten years, and that printer has consistenly been the most cost effective option, they still might not be on the elevth year. It always pays to speak to a print broker. and why would you want to pay more.

Our Print Panel

Our book printing supplier panel requires no payment from panel members and is limted only to their abilty to offer our costomers the best product and price. We stand by our supplier panels and you will never need to deal with them. We'll do all the leg work and print management at no charge to you.

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